We love to help you sell your quality Military Surplus firearms. We will do the research on your particular model, find out the going rate and get you top dollar. We charge 15% of final sale (includes all listing and/or shipping fees) so there's incentive for us to get you top dollar. This is our preferred method of helping you part with your collection.


We know you'll come across hard to pass up deals and rare items we just don't have so we happily do transfers. Bought an item off gunbroker? Have them ship it to us. We only charge $25. We also are able to take in transfers of NFA items. Suppressors & SBRs we charge $75, Machine Guns $150



Need your firearms shipped interstate? We offer to pack, ship and insure your firearm(s). Pricing varies by region/type so call or message us for an estimate.  We take the hassle out of shipping firearms across state lines (which by law must be shipped to a valid FFL holding dealer) some dealers won't accept shipments from non-dealers. 


NFA items: Suppressors, SBRs, Machine Guns.

We are a licenced class 2 SOT. Ask us about suppressors, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and machine guns. NFA in Boise



Sometimes it's not always about rounds per minute or being really loud and scaring the people next to you at the range. Suppressors are an excellent addition to anybodies Arsenal. Nobody wants to wear hearing protection all the time. I can't think of a better Suppressor than the Griffen Armament Revolution 45. It is user serviceable and can withstand full auto fire from .22LR to .45 ACP even rifle calibers from 5.56 to  .308. (With proper piston and endcaps) the easiest way to get one is to head over to and select Velocity Gun Sales as your dealer, there's special pricing on them now and my transfer fees are only $50 for NFA items. 

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